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Vie Hebdomadaires

Usually I do a book review at the end of the week, but I actually haven’t finished anything this week. I decided that I had to take a break from reading novels, so I’m going back and forth between a couple of nonfiction books, and that’s much slower going. I’ve been busy, too, guest-blogging over at Vie Hebdomadaires and performing last night with Albert Arguello on bongos and Bill Weaver on ukelele for a wine and art bop that featured music faculty from the Cascade School of Music. We had a great time! And I got my photo in the paper today! We were sitting next to an open door and it was pretty cold out, so I’m wrapped up in a furry fleece jacket and a felt hat, but you can tell it’s me because of the flute.

We played a variety of music, from a couple of Bossas, an Irish Jig or two, to a little Bach. I had some trouble with my breath on a Bach number originally written for violin, because my lungs were a little constricted, which is what I wrote about today on Vie Hebdomadaires. Stop on over there and have a look.

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