Golden Threads

Follow along as I write my fantasy adventure novel, Golden Threads.

Laura and David Stonebridge are too young to be witches yet, and, when they reach their 16th birthday, they will almost certainly be set upon by the priests and killed, just like their parents. For it’s the beginning of the sixteenth century, in England, and witch-burnings are becoming popular. Not only that, but their uncle, who took over their wealthy father’s holdings, cannot let his niece and nephew survive to use their magic.

With the world in danger of a global catastrophe from over-population and global warming, Witch Covens hatch a desperate plan. However, they don’t have enough magic to carry it out. They decide to bring powerful witches forward in time. An examination of witch history uncovers the existence of Laura and David five hundred years in the past. These two inherited Royal Witch Blood from their parents. Although both children were burned at the stake, their influence on history was sufficiently small that they can be rescued before this happens. An analysis by the Council determines that they can be brought into the twenty-first century without creating dangerous waves in the fabric of time. Will these two children be enough to prevent mass extinctions? Will their evil uncle join with other dark  forces to stop them?

Chapter 1: The Choice

Chapter 2: Leaving Home

Chapter 3: Hiding

Chapter 4: Introducing the Future

Chapter 5: Lessons

Chapter 6: Invasion

Chapter 7: Landslide

Chapter 8: Walking the Web

Chapter 9: Rest Stops

Chapter 10: Discovered

Chapter 11: Rabbit Stew

Chapter 12: Arrival

Chapter 13: Modern Life

Chapter 14: A Birthday

Chapter 15: Christmas

Chapter 16: Homesick

Chapter 17: Teen Witches

Chapter 18: Thomas Escapes

Chapter 19: On Guard

Chapter 20: The Teachings

Chapter 21: Totem

Chapter 22: Racism

Chapter 23: Social Graces

Chapter 24: Bullies

Chapter 25: Appeasing

Chapter 26: Fairy Life

Chapter 27: Becoming Serious

Chapter 28: Asking for Advice

Chapter 29: Rainy Days

I love comments. Please tell my what you think of this light-hearted adventure.

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  4. Laura meets a fairy | Ann Stanley
  5. November | Ann Stanley
  6. Bullying | Ann Stanley
  7. Social Graces | Ann Stanley
  8. Prejudice | Ann Stanley
  9. Love is built on trust | Ann Stanley
  10. School for witches is open | Ann Stanley
  11. Who wants to meet deadlines when it’s summer? | Ann Stanley
  12. Wednesday fiction: Dark, evil, and upset? | Ann Stanley
  13. Teen witches | Ann Stanley
  14. Homesick | Ann Stanley
  15. Encountering selfishness and plenitude | Ann Stanley
  16. Why is sixteen important? | Ann Stanley
  17. Differences | Ann Stanley
  18. Time travel | Ann Stanley
  19. Chapter Eleven | Ann Stanley
  20. Golden Threads, Chapter 10 | Ann Stanley
  21. I am not British | Ann Stanley
  22. Chapter 8 : Walking The Web | Ann Stanley
  23. Chapter 5: Lessons | Ann Stanley
  24. Golden Threads. Chapter two: Leaving Home | Ann Stanley

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