Cover Reveal & Publication date

It’s here! Big thanks go to Margie Deeb for the design. Margie is an author and visual artist, as well as a teacher, who has two short pieces in our free anthology, Mosaic. Thanks, Margie!

Bella cover 350

I’ll be doing a big launch April 26 to send this compilation on its way into the world. Join me for that!

In the meantime, I’m busy getting this ready for publication. Lots of details still to take care of, from formatting and double-checking it for errors, to writing up newsletters and asking people to be on my launch team.

For something fun, while you’re waiting for this, go over to and read the first few installments of our serial novel, The Time Traveler’s Scheme – it’s a fun romp through time as Melina figures out what Daeva is up to, and how to get to her, and Daeva continues to build her empire.

If you’re interested in being on my launch team (you’ll get a free copy of the book two weeks before it’s published, in exchange for telling your social media buddies about it on launch day, and leaving an honest review over at Amazon; if I can figure out how to do it, you’ll also be entered in a drawing for something to be determined), leave me a comment below.

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