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Reading Bella’s Rebellion is like savoring the delicate taste of a few longed-for bonbons and then realizing, toward the end, she’s made an entire cake for you. – Lee Tyler

Whether she’s writing about a mirror world, vengeful goddess, or a grown child confronting past wrongs, expect her unique fingerprint on each tale Ann Stanley spins.  – S. J. Henderson, author of the Daniel The Draw-er series.

Contemporary women's fiction phoneOn sale for $0.99 for a limited time only! May 8-14, 2016 only. Enter the giveaway here.

A book for women, about women dealing with difficult mothers, hoarding, mothers they never knew, unfulfilling careers, and hard times.

Bella’s Rebellion

In compiling this book, I picked the stories which seemed to best fit the theme of women learning from tough situations: conflicts with their mothers; unfulfilling lives; conflicts between ethics and romantic desire; and a zephyr nursemaid trying to keep alive her young charge (a fire). Except for this loose concept, the stories are quite varied. Some stories are short, some are long. Some are contemporary, some speculative. I even threw in a dash of magic and a science fiction story.

Here’s an excerpt from Photo Shoot:

The camera, so much a part of her that she hasn’t even realized she’s lifted it to her eye, is clicking. This is good stuff. She can’t ask Zelda to stop; she could never capture all this energy and madness in a pose. Zelda is still on point, falling and catching herself. Her hair loosens out of her bun, covering her shoulders with thick black curls; she rips her bodice off to reveal a black tank top, a tattoo painted on her upper back. The running shorts come off, leaving her in tight black lycra shorts. She’s a pop star now, still in pink point shoes, still throwing in a ballet move or two.
Sweat pouring off of her, Belinda doesn’t let herself think, she has to become one with this dazzling creature if she wants to capture her on film. She runs, chasing Zelda and the light.
It’s over. Zelda, like some creature of the night, prances off the stage, except it wasn’t the stage, only the dance studio. She returns, panting, to where Belinda holds her cramped stomach, trying to catch her breath.
“You okay?” Zelda asks.
Belinda moans. She promises herself that she will start working out. Tomorrow.

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