Naked Lobster

On this blog I discuss topics related to writing my first novel, Naked Lobster:

When thirty-two year old Tiffany decides to start dating, she runs up against a seemingly endless series of barriers: including her belief that she is haunted by her dead husband’s ghost and her unfounded guilt that she helped cause his leukemia. In her struggle to reclaim her life as an artist and learn to love again, she is helped by two friends, Jennifer and Lauren, who are both dealing with souring marriages, and a mysterious shaman who appears constantly in her dreams. Once Jennifer’s husband tries to prevent her from pursuing her career and Lauren’s husband descends into alcoholism, the three friends enter into crisis mode, only to emerge single and stronger.

This novel is essentially finished. I am doing a brush-up edit before giving more friends a copy to read and also, don’t worry, getting more professional feedback.

Oh, and the working title comes from one of the minor characters: he says that his counselor made him feel like a naked lobster.

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