Who wants to meet deadlines when it’s summer?

Smokey the Bear

Smokey the Bear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last week passed me by in a heat-dazed blur, a smoke-induced fog, a forest-fire-obsessed blink, a lightening-struck blaze, a music-dazed hop. I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday until it was already Saturday. Honestly, it wasn’t all that hot, the smoke was only bad for a day, we only had small fires, the lightening was nice, and there wasn’t all that much music going on. The only great excuse is that it’s summer (and I was reading. I’ve read some really wonderful fiction lately – Duplicate Keys, by Jane Smiley; Maya’s Notebook, by Isabel Allende, Instructions for a Heatwave, by Maggie O’Farrell, The History of Us, by Leah Stewart, and more. Look for reviews of at least one of these, coming soon). If any of you look forward to an installment of Golden Threads every week, I apologize for missing one.


That said, a new chapter is up on the site. It’s called On Guard. If you read the previous chapter, you might guess a little of the content. For those who haven’t been reading along, the whole novel to date can be found at Golden Threads.




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