Golden Threads, Chapter 10

"Magic Circle" by John William Water...

“Magic Circle” by John William Waterhouse, 1886 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Chapter nine, almost-witch Laura finally started climbing the web of time and space into the future, with her boyfriend Matthew holding on to her foot, and her little brother David holding onto a witch from the twenty-first century. Laura and David’s evil uncle has escaped his bindings, and is climbing the web in pursuit. Read the next chapter to find out if he catches them: Chapter 10: Discovered . If you haven’t been following along, read the entire novel from the beginning: Golden Threads. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Witches and other creatures in Golden Threads

While, as I’ve talked about in previous posts, I’m doing some internet research on the past and places in Golden Threads, so that the England of the novel resembles the real one, and witches truly were persecuted in the past,  the time travel I’m using is invented. Likewise, the creatures in it are only based very lightly on things that I’ve read or heard. I’ve given my witches all kinds of potential powers: time and space travel, cloaking, materializing objects out of thin air, healing, shape-shifting, speaking with plants and animals. You name it, they can do it. Likewise, I’ve taken fables about trolls and fairies to come up with their powers and personalities. The writings of various far-out-there people gave me the idea for aliens: reptilians and wolves. I figured, why not? Let’s have a little fun. Perhaps other creatures will enter the novel as we go along; I don’t know yet.

I have, however, as stated in other posts, left vampires out of the mix. There are heaps of stories and movies these days with vampires, and I don’t want this to be another. I am not interested in creatures who literally suck the blood out of their victims and turn them into more vampires. Instead, I want a more human-scale drama, where the question isn’t “are you a vampire?” or “what will you do about loving a human?” Come along with me and see where this vampire-less world takes us.

All of my creatures so far have human ancestry. What traits are expressed: human or other? How do their genetics affect them? In witches, it’s already clear, human personalities win, and in reptiles they lose. But this isn’t always the case for reptiles. We shall see about fairies, trolls and wolves.

For the curious, here’s a thorough article on witches in history, with lots of references. But why let myself be bound to all these facts?

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