Chapter 8 : Walking The Web

Persecution of witches

Persecution of witches (Wikipedia)

In the  last installment of Golden Threads, the dark witch, Thomas, attempts to bury our team in a landslide, but they foiled his attempt. What’s next? Will they make it to the future, or will he manage to stop them? Will Laura learn to time-travel quickly enough? Check out the next chapter here: Walking the web.

Of all of the 21st century witches, Samantha knows the most about 15th and early 16th century England. Therefore, I invited her here today to talk a little bit about how she came to acquire this knowledge.

Hi Samantha, thanks for speaking with me

My pleasure

What’s your role in this rescue?

As you can see from the storyline, I am the team leader. The witch council began planning for this operation in 1960, well before my birth, but they weren’t ready until recently. They chose me for a lot of reasons.

Such as?

Mostly because I love history. I have some other important traits: I am good at time travel, I can lead, I keep a steady head under pressure, and my magic is fairly all-around.


I’m moderately good with different kinds of spells. Not spectacular at any one thing, but I can put up decent screens, shape shift, heal, all kinds of things. So they chose me and trained me from the time I turned 16. I learned everything I could about this time period, without time travel, then I spent a year in London and a few other cities in 1504.

Why did you do that?

Well, no one had been back here since the attempt to rescue Laura’s father and uncle when they were teenagers. We suspected that some of the witches killed in their village could be their relatives, but the records were very sparse. The council wanted someone to investigate and also look into some other possibilities. The idea was to find at least two children with powerful lineages to save. I volunteered. I mean, how cool is it to come back here and see 16th century life for myself instead of trying to understand it from books? I met with as many covens as I could, and was pleased to find out that Laura and David’s mother had a completely different line of magic than their father. The covens were sure they would grow into the most powerful witches ever.

How did you meet John?

I needed to travel around without being detected. John became my guide. Unfortunately, we fell in love. Now, he’s dead.

I’m sorry. Do you need a tissue?

Samantha shakes her head no and sniffles

I wish there was some way to use time travel to save him, but I can’t risk changing things now. Laura and David are too important. We’ve foiled Thomas for now. What if a different future, in which John didn’t get caught, resulted in their deaths? Or mine? You never know, when you start mucking with the past. Anyway, John and I had a few great years together. The council let me come back after I gave my report and arrange some of the rescue. Unfortunately, I had to leave a year ago to make sure that Thomas wouldn’t catch onto me.

What’s this about witch history?

We have kept records for thousands of years. Magic hides them from humans and other creatures. Some witches can access these records and find anything you want in them.

Awesome. Thanks for speaking with me.


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