The Liebster Blog Award

I am so excited to be nominated for the Liebster Blog by The Literary Tiger! I always enjoy her comments about the various books she’s reading (or wanting to read), which range from serious literature to fashion, to YA, to, well, you name it, so I am thrilled that she follows my blog and likes it enough to nominate me for this award (see some of the links at the bottom to others who have previously won the award).

The Liebster Blogger Rules are:  (1) Thank the one who nominated you by linking back; (2) nominate five blogs  with 200 or fewer followers; (3) let your nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites; and (4) copy and paste the award image on your site.

Thank you very much to The Literary Tiger for the nomination. I’m passing on the baton to a few of the lesser-known fabulous blogs I love and follow. I don’t know if  all of them actually have fewer than 200 followers. Congratulations to all of my nominees! 🙂

1. Lisa Hall-Wilson. Lisa, a free-lance writer,  is one of those generous souls who shares her knowledge about writing and publishing with the world through her blog. She also writes about her attempts to live a “Greener” life. Her ideas are fab.

2. KM Huber‘s Blog. Her sweet pearls of wisdom brighten my day.

3. Becca’s Blog. I always enjoy her lightness of spirit and the fun range of topics and occasional bits of fiction.

4. Vie Hebdomadaires. This is a quirky blog that I’ve been following for a while and blogged on for one fun week not too long ago. A new person writes each week, about their lives and whatever they are thinking about. Sometimes it’s photos; sometimes it’s politically charged issues. You just never know. The bloggers have come from all over the world. The current blogger names the next one, so it’s a daisy chain.

5. Novel Girl. Rebecca Berto’s light-hearted blog with writing advice and book reviews.

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  1. #1 by Lisa Hall-Wilson on April 29, 2012 - 7:24 pm

    Thanks for the blog love and the award. Greatly appreciated. I’ll have to check out the other blogs you mention.

    • #2 by annstanleywriting on April 29, 2012 - 8:58 pm

      More people should be reading your blog, that’s all that I have to say. I hope this little award gains you more followers.

  2. #3 by KM Huber on April 28, 2012 - 5:17 am

    Your blog is really taking off, Ann, and that is so terrific. Congratulations! I am proud to be just one of your groupies.

    As for my nomination, I am humbled, truly.

  3. #5 by toneddownandvintage on April 27, 2012 - 10:11 pm

    Congratulations on your award! And thanks for spreading the love. 🙂

  1. The thirty-fourth writer on the blog is.. « Vie Hebdomadaires

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