It never hurts to be reminded to pay attention to the moment and not get lost in our busy worlds and all of our worries. I was never a fan of these guys – the lip sync kings – but I love that this song has a deeper layer.

Vie Hebdomadaires

Anyone remember this oldie from the ’90s? “Keep on running baby” by Milli Vanilli?

It never fails to make me grin. I was introduced to this song when the “Pepsi Beats” album came out way back during my childhood. Yep, those were the days of VCRs and cassettes – no Blu-Ray discs then! You’d probably think a song like this is too peppy or light-hearted to touch you at a deeper level. But one of the lines in the song has stayed with me through the ages. It goes something like this:

“Listen to what he says/ It’s all about today”

I guess the song’s about the escapist in all of us, how we tend to run away from things instead of confronting them. It really is all about today, seizing the day, making the most of now. It’s like how we forget to breathe sometimes, in the stress of…

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